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What is the Alternative Processes group?

The Alternative Processes group focuses on non-traditional, non-mainstream photographic activities. Examples include, but are not limited to, pinhole photography, cyanotype printing, birefringent microscopy and extended depth of field techniques.


Focus Stacking (and more) Workshop

Rick Holmes, DNCC


Have you ever taken a picture and been frustrated that more of it isn’t in focus? This workshop will present a technique that may help you solve this problem. We will use a camera and a computer to generate images that have extended depth of field. Often called focus stacking, we will serially make several shots of the same subject matter, each shot having a different part of the subject in focus. Then we will use software to extract the sharpest areas from each of the shots in the sequence. We will then combine these sharp areas to create a resulting image with greater depth of field than can be obtained with just one exposure. It sounds hard, but is really quite easy. This can all be done with free computer software.


The “more” in the title above refers to the target subject matter for this workshop. In prior workshops we have often used flowers as subject matter. This time we will focus on glass marbles. Each marble will function as a magnifier presenting a unique perspective of underlying subject matter. The resulting images are quite unique. Several sample setups will be demonstrated. See the accompanying sample image. The technique will be applied in-camera using current Nikon equipment and in a studio setup with a camera tethered to a computer via USB. We can use the technique in the field with any focus-able camera.


The workshop will start at noon on Saturday, September 14th.  If you wish to attend, please email me at for location details in southeast Henderson (of course). You may also reserve a seat by calling 702.458.4933. The formal presentation will take about two hours. We can play with the technique for the rest of the afternoon.


If you wish to try it with your equipment, bring your camera and a tripod. If you wish to bring refreshments, all the better!


  This workshop is open to dues-current members of the Nevada Camera Club.


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