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The struggle continues, on the subject, what category is the best category for my entry? Nevada Camera Club prides itself in competition when it comes to diversity, not in categories, but of categories. With a monochrome and a color division in each of the 12 unique categories you have two opportunities for a total of 24 options for your personal two entries to be placed in, plus the Club Challenge for an additional entry each month. If you have ever entered another competition or even been a member of another camera club, then you probably know that competition can be fierce and even more selective than what the NCC puts together. Other camera clubs and photography organizations don’t have the same power of diversity when they accept entries in only two sole categories like color and monochrome. This limits the overall competition tremendously by obliterating subject matter almost immediately depending on the preferences of the judges on the panel at that time. Let’s have a meeting based on category review. Jerome will bring in a selection of prints and invites you, members and nonmembers alike, to bring some of your own prints as well. He will go through a little PowerPoint presentation on competition categories and explain all of them first. Then, he'll give you the “Jerome Hamilton Point of View” of each category and how the rules read to him. Up for discussion, at any time, is his point of view…but you may participate to try to change his mind. No participation is necessary to attend. Please come and watch if that is your preference. After the PowerPoint portion we will then have more of an open discussion and review with live prints…a show and tell session with prints, if you will. We will meet in the Hub at B&C Camera, 4511 W. Sahara, Las Vegas, at 6 PM on Wednesday, April 3rd.
Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2024 - 6:00pm

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