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Author: Harriet Smith

The Nevada Camera Club would like to offer some suggestions for processing and guidelines for your photographs for submission to the Monthly Print and/or Electronic Competitions. We are hoping that by following these simple guidelines should eliminate the color distortion some members are encountering. Color Profiling and Color Management is the key to a quality finished photographs whether projecting or printing.

First, make sure your monitors at home, and laptops are calibrated. Next set your Working Color Space in our cameras to Adobe RGB, as this is where the photograph originates. You will find this change in the menu of the brand camera you are using. If you have difficulty locating this adjustment, ask a club member who uses your name brand camera to help you or stop at any camera store and they can also help you with this camera adjustment.

When downloading your pictures to your Computer or Lap Top , make sure the Working Color Space in your software program is also set to Adobe RGB 1998. This is the best color space acceptable to work in for color consistency from camera to projection.
There are a few settings you can change depending on your individual computers and software. Preserve Embedded Profiles: In Photoshop go Edit, Color Settings and make the necessary changes as pictured below. You will be able to find this popup in most software programs.

If you are importing to Bridge the easiest way to set all your pictures to Adobe RGB 1998 is to open one of your RAW images and click on the bottom tab which will open another window. Make changes as below.

Now all your pictures will automatically be changed to 300 dpi when you open them through Bridge and will follow the color profile from your camera.

Lightroom brings your pictures in, by default, as Pro Photo so you will want to go to Edit, Preferences and change the Color Space to Adobe RGB 1998 prior to downloading. Follow the following Changes.

For the many pictures you all must have on your computers, reopen them in Lightroom in the RAW format and re-work those pictures you want to submit for the club competition.
Make all the changes to your photograph per your satisfaction and leave resizing for last. Go to Image, Size and when the pop up box appears make sure Scale Styles, Constrain Proportions, and Resample Image check boxes are all checked.

Change your Resolution to 72 and then change your width and or height to the submission size or close
to it. Click okay. Your Image size can’t exceed 1920 (Horizontal) x 1200 (Vertical) when entering the Club
Electronic Competition.

I am told our new Canon projector can project in Adobe RGB color space but to keep everyone consistent we will convert to sRGB.
Once you have completed cleaning up your picture and resizing, go to Edit, Convert to Profile and in the drop down box click on sRGB. Save your sRGB image to a new folder that only your sRGB, jpeg images are saved to leaving your original image Adobe RGB 1998.

Your picture is now ready to submit to the Electronic Competition.

Printing To Your Own Printer

In many printers the best working space is sRGB however your more expensive wide format printers will produce better quality printing in Adobe RGB 1998. After resizing and making sure your image is 300 dpi you will want to apply a slight sharpening to your image.

When ready to print in Adobe RGB: First go to Color Settings and make sure your Profile Color Space is set to Adobe RGB 1998.

Go to File, Print and make the following changes.

Click on Printer Settings tab to get this Pop Up and make changes based on your needs. Check all Drop Down boxes to ensure everything is correct including the Advanced Settings.


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