Watch the live feed here.

Ok, let's see where this goes. There is a parade Saturday 2/13, downtown from 10 till 1. Its for the Chinese new year. I think it is on Fremont from 11th to 7th. Then there is a 5k run called ( get this) the undie run. People running in their underwear. God only knows what there will be to see. I plan to park at the El Cortez and hope to validate for free parking. Otherwise I will find a casino downtown that will let me park for free with validation. Maybe breakfast and most assuredly lunch. Who is in with me?? Addison


adben11 on February 28, 2016 08:53

Ok So there is a high school & Jr. high school rodeo in Boulder City today. I think it starts around 9 till around mid afternoon. Some of these people came a long way so I am sure they want to leave early to get home.

Plus UNLV womens tennis @ 10

UNLV baseball @1

Maybe I will see you at one of these



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adben11 on April 21, 2016 09:44

This weekend, 20th thru the 24th is the AQHA Championship at the Southpointe casino. It's free to the public. You will need a fast lens. I was there last weekend for the Arabian horse show. Great angles. Just didn't have a fast enough lens to get anything really good. I am going to try a different setup this weekend. Maybe I will see you there.
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adben11 on December 18, 2016 09:53

There is the first of 4 (I think) races at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City coming up on Jan. 13-15. Should be a great photo opp. I for one plan to be there.

Here is a link to the races.

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adben11 on December 18, 2016 09:56

Jan 13-15 seems to be the weekend for bike racing.

At the South Pointe there will be a BMX race also.
Lighting is rough inside (or at least it was when I tried to shoot horses)

Here is the link

Its on the South Point website as well, also some othere events there to check out.

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adben11 on January 04, 2017 17:31

Ok, I just talked to the shop in Boulder City, They say that the best link to the events are at

Here is a link to the events for the weekend.

They also told me that there are shuttles that will transport persons to the top for the races, they thought I would be able to get a ride on one of these and then walk down to find a spot to shoot.
3 races over the weekend. Should be a good time. Friday is practice. Should be a good time, if the weather is good.

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